Project Soma

This collaboration came as a result of spontaneity but, at the same time, of careful preparation which lasted for several months. Athina and Mary were both so taken aback that they could have just let the idea slip by, the same way we skip many things in life with a “Don’t be a stranger!” or “Cu around!”. But this time it  actually happened! The “Maybe we should do something together at some point” was finally arranged!

All this reluctantly started in the beginning of 2019 and while the girls knew each other as a work-related social acquaintance and through their social media. However, they have always felt that they have a lot in common, especially when it came to aesthetics. The creation of a clothing brand has been something they both had in mind for many years but neither of them had moved towards this vision professionally. They used to let their creativity out through different means, instead. Athina had her own jewellery collection, “Allover by Athina” and Mary had her own online store, “Buy A Boo”. They had the accessories of their dreams, but not the clothes! At least not until today, when their mutual aesthetic vision came to life with their own brand: Project SOMA. Just like everything else that worked out magically during this collaboration, the word “SOMA”, which is the greek word for body, managed to involve both of them as it consists of their initials in latin. Also, the brand is inspired by the female body and all the beautiful things that come with it.

Nowadays, although a lot is being said about “women supporting women” and “girl power”, little do we see in action. These two women chose to combine their powerscollaboratetrust each other, and try to dress all those powerful women who accomplish a lot, dream about even more and know that if they help each other, only wonderful things can happen.

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