This time, I felt that I really needed a twist, something outside of my comfort zone. Inspired by the late 90’s era, when everything was controversial, original and sexy, I wanted to explore new paths. In that empire state of mind, I realized that there was no other place, than the

Arpyes Mojo Collection AW22-23

Arpyes Mojo Collection AW22-23

ARPYES MOJO COLLECTION AW22-23 MOJO originally used to mean a magic charm or spell or an amulet often in a small bag containing magic pieces. Today MOJO means your influence, confidence, or personal charisma. Find Arpyes MOJO in our newest collection!

Coachella 2022 By Vassia Kostara

Ah Coachella!!! After a three-year hiatus, Southern California’s famous music festival taking place over a period of two three-day weekends returned starting on April 15th-17th  and continued the following weekend attracting a plethora of artists to the Indio desert ( and to my collective phone screen) sporting their festival finest.

Arpyes SS22

Arpyes SS22

Arpyes PHILOSOPHY Est. 2015, in Athens Arpyes is the result of a great desire for freedom. Willing an everyday comfort yet creativity, Arpyes create a distinct identity. Influenced by different cultures worldwide, their collections’ concept may different but the main notion persists in clean lines and diversity, driven always by

“Golden Ratio” Collection Inspiration

The Spring ’21 Collection draws inspiration from the Golden Ratio which is also known as the “divine proportion” due to its connection with the physical world. The fabrics used in this collection contain a harmony and beauty of form – from the circular shape to the dynamic movement within. It

Project Soma

This collaboration came as a result of spontaneity but, at the same time, of careful preparation which lasted for several months. Athina and Mary were both so taken aback that they could have just let the idea slip by, the same way we skip many things in life with a “Don’t be

Si Belle fashion AW21

Si Belle fashion AW21

Si Belle fashion AW21   To Shop The Brand, Contact Us 

Vassia Kostara The Kaleido Collection drop 2

The second part of Vassia Kostara’s winter collection has a special place in our hearts embodying a unique interpretation of woman’s power that connects with nature. Vassia Kostara informs us “I feel fortunate having the chance to meet with Mr Anestis. Along with his experience, ‘meraki’ and love for nature’s

Vassia Kostara The Kaleido Collection

THE KALEIDO COLLECTION The kaleido collection by VASSIA KOSTARA pays homage to bold and stylish femininity. Inspired by the kaleidoscopic, the symmetrical designs reflect both the balance and the infinite facets found within women. With each design VASSIA envisions, she aims to draw out the wearer’s individual identity, inspiring you

Premium Tailoring

Premium Tailoring

THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE HANDMADE PRODUCT In 1997, the year of milestones for the company, tailored clothes makes its appearance in the Greek market and becomes a registered trademark. “Our philosophy is to give the customer more than he pays. We want to deliver him the most fashionable products in


Dante: “Μαμά”: FALL/WINTER 2020-’21 COLLECTION Motherhood is more than a stage – it’s a lifelong calling from God. Inspired by the mother-son relationship, the new collection is characterized by fabrics, mats and materials that remind us either of our childhood, or clothing that our mother made for us, or even